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Part of the fun of planting a Herb Garden is planning the garden.  Spending time browsing herb books, searching the internet, dreaming of the finished results.  From the beginner to the expert you will not have a problem finding an herb to grow.  Patience, something I never developed will be needed for growing herbs, that is why I stay with the tried and true!!  My husband likes to complain about my Artemisia (wormwood) telling me it is nothing but a weed.  I like to grow Artemisia because it works well in dry arrangements and forms a background for our roses in the garden.

Even as garden plants, herbs are versatile and can be grown in dozens of ways.  They flourish in pots, can be used as groundcovers, trimmed into hedges or naturalized in a wild garden.  They are good for growing in well drained conditions of raised beds, which make them useful plants for wheelchair gardeners.  They are excellent plants to use in a garden for the blind, having a variety of textures and aromas; many of the aromas are released by touching the leaves.

Several of the most popular Herbs, such as Chives, Mint, Wormwood, Bee Balm, Marigold, Parsley, and Sage are very easy to grow.  Bee Balm also attracts Hummingbirds, Marigold will repel cabbage moth, Chives has a very pretty flower and will dry well, and Mint will take over you garden if allowed. 

A word of caution
Herbs give us delicious food flavorings, powerful fragrances and remedies for various ills, but most, even familiar herbs, such as thyme or rosemary, can have unpleasant effects if taken in excess.  The volatile oils are poisonous if taken in large amounts. In small amounts they contribute to our health.  Herbs are not a cure-all for serious diseases for which medical treatment must be sought.

Herb Simples, You will be amazed at the amount of information contained in these pages.  Many of the plants listed provide many uses for each, simple recipes for medical purposes, and different varieties.

Many Herbs can be grown from seed, again if you have the patience.  In our area very few of the herbs will winter over so I usually purchase mine from a local greenhouse for spring planting. Herbs for beginners will give you additional suggestions.

Our Herbal Culinary Chart will provide additional uses for herbs and which foods will provide the desired results.

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Articles that will provide gift ideas, advise and uses for many popular herbs.

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