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Winter and Summer Savory

Savory, Summer (Satureia hortensis). An aromatic seasoning and flavoring herb, which must be raised annually from seed. Sow early in April in drills one foot apart, and thin the plants to six or eight inches in the rows. Cut the stems when in full flower, and tie in bunches for winter use.

Savory, Winter (Satureia montana). A hardy dwarf evergreen which can be propagated by cuttings; but it is more economically grown from seed sown at the same time, and treated in the same manner, as Summer Savory.
Savory (Summer) (Satureja hortensis)

Summer savory is a tender annual that grows up to 18 inches tall. It has small bronze-green leaves and very small white or lavender flowers. The leaves are pungent and spicy.

Summer savory grows best in a well-worked loamy soil. Seed can be planted in the garden in spring.

Cut leafy tops when the plants are in bud. Hang in an airy, shaded place until crisp and dry.

Summer savory is popular as a condiment with meats and vegetables and is generally considered sweeter than winter savory.

Savory (Winter) (Satureja montana)

Winter savory has dark green, shiny, pointed leaves much stiffer in texture than summer savory. It is a woody perennial plant growing to 2 feet in height with small white or lavender flowers.

Winter savory does best in a light, sandy soil. Keep dead wood trimmed out. Propagate by cuttings or raise from seed.

Pick young shoots and leaves at any time. The leaves are almost evergreen but not as pungent in winter. It is best dried for winter use.

Winter savory is a condiment often used as a flavoring in liqueurs. Its taste is not as sweet as summer savory.


"Adapted from publication NE-208, produced by the Cooperative Extension Services of the Northeast States."

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